What happens NXT?

After a very successful ninth edition in September 2017, NEU NOW is coming to an end, as the ELIA team and the Executive Group take some time to rethink, reflect, and brainstorm about new ways to be of service to emerging artists who graduated from ELIA member institutions.

In the meantime, the ELIA team, along with the co-artistic directors, is preparing a special edition publication to mark the closing of NEU NOW and to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter entitled 'What Happens NXT?'.

One artist from each NEU NOW edition has been selected to tell their story, in what ways they've evolved since NEU NOW and what the impact of participating in the festival has been on their artistic career.

Those attending the ELIA General Assembly will be first to find out which NEU NOW alumni artists are selected to be featured in this publication, which will be released in 2019.