Nina Gantz


NEU NOW 2009 Vilnius

Title of work: Zaliger
Discipline: ANIMATION
Institution:  AKV|St.Joost School of Fine Art and Design, Netherlands 

Amsterdam born Nina Gantz, grew up in Rotterdam. From an early age, as the daughter of a theatre technician and an actress, she spent much of her time meeting weird and wonderful characters and watching countless theatre productions. From these early influences, she developed a keen sense for visual storytelling and from the age of four, she began drawing lessons with Dutch artist AMC Fok, something which can be seen in her current style.
Whilst attending St Joost Art school in Breda, Gantz discovered her passion for animation and produced her first notable hand-drawn film, Zaliger (2010), which went on to be selected at 37 festivals winning the Golden Panda for the best student film at the Sichuan Festival in China.
After setting up Studio Gantz in Rotterdam, she was commissioned, to be head of animation for a live-action feature film in the Netherlands, Toegetakeld door de liefde (dir. Ari Deelder).
In 2013 Gantz began a Masters in directing animation at the National Film and Television School where she filmed her first stop-motion film EDMOND.
EDMOND has received overwhelming acclaim thus far and since its premiere at Zagreb International Animation festival, it has won a host of prizes including the BIFA for best short film, the Short film Jury award for animation at Sundance and a BAFTA for best animated short.
Since graduating, Gantz has been working freelance on a variety of projects. 
Having recently signed to London production company BlinkInk, with creative partner Simon Cartwright, she is currently developing a number of scripts for television shows, shorts and feature-length films whilst exploring new ways of combining live action and animation techniques.

In your everyday life, you can find the most extraordinary and beautiful things that you don’t usually notice. In many ways, the facts of life are stranger than fiction. That’s why I use reality as the biggest inspiration for most of my films.
For my film Zaliger I took a good look at my surroundings. I’ve observed couples who grew old together. They’re a team and spend their days following a fixed pattern in which every day is the same as the day before. In the morning the wife takes care of breakfast, while the husband is setting the table. The woman buys the groceries and her man takes care of the financial administration.
Every evening she lays out his clothes and he makes her favourite cup of tea before she goes to bed. Their lives are so entwined that it’s no longer possible for them to live without each other.