Gili Lavy

NEU NOW 2015 Amsterdam

Title: The Divine Mother
Discipline: VISUAL ARTS
Institution:  Royal College of Art, United Kingdom

Gili Lavy works across sculptural installations and large-scale video projections. Lavy received her Master degree from the Royal College of Art, London. During 2017, Lavy was invited to exhibit her work at CICA Museum in South Korea, awarded a finalist for the Mario Merz Prize/2nd edition in Italy and was commissioned for a solo show at Palazzo Chiaramonte, Palermo during the Manifesta Biennial in Sicily. During 2016 Lavy was invited to show her work in the Whitechapel Gallery London, CAFA Art Museum Beijing, Art Basel Switzerland and awarded the Clore Duffield Foundation Grant and Arts Council England Exceptional Talent Award.
Lavy’s work investigates the shifting borders between conventional faiths and her own constructed beliefs systems. Her work reflects upon the transitions within several beliefs, and their implication on existence. These transitioning realities, within lands, forgotten histories and theological views, are examined by Lavy’s own superimposed belief system.
Her work has been exhibited widely including Whitechapel Gallery London, Art Basel, Off Print Tate Modern, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Unit London, Lo Schermo Dell’arte Florence, International Biennale of Photography Brazil, CAFA Museum of Art in Beijing to name a few. She has been awarded and nominated for Awards including Arts Council England, Epos international Art, HIX Award London, Bloomberg New Contemporaries London, Visio acquisition prize Florence, Blooom Award by Warsteiner Germany, Spectrum Artists Moving Image, London to name a few.
This art film takes place in a religious institute for girls who have lost their mothers and have dedicated their lives to their maternal spirit. It is about the fragile transition between life, death, the human and the sacred, a journey of belief and doubt.
"The concept of my film work is based on the study of humankind and the investigation of different anthropological approaches to the theme of death. My artwork not only makes use of, but questions death rituals and their origins, and shifts these closer to contem­porary alternatives. Through my professional practice, I am consistently crafting a social and religious imaginary existence in order to expand our perception of life and death, while also evolving the film’s narrative. My aim is to provoke questions and discussions as a result of the spectator experiencing a story through fragments of time and narrative, and the challenges of fiction and reality."