Fatima Dunn

NEU NOW 2013 Amsterdam

Title: Landfall
Discipline: MUSIC
Institution: Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

Biography (copied from her website and translated into English)
Fatima Dunn, cellist and singer-songwriter with Irish roots, becomes a "One Woman Orchestra" on stage. With a cello, her voice and a loop station she lays notes over music layers and melodies and weaves the whole piece into poetic, spherical songs.
In 2013 she created the audiovisual project "Landfall" with the video artist Mirjam von Ow. In 2014, Fatima Dunn won the Nico Kaufmann Scholarship of the City of Zurich with the continuation of "Landfall Bergquake".
Fatima Dunn is also a composer for cinema and television films and for the theater and gives various workshops.
Singer, cellist, and composer Fatima Dunn and video artist Mirjam von Ow take the audience on an audiovisual train journey to the unknown and the subconscious. Large-scale video projection and on-stage music performance make Landfall come alive and seek fusion between audience, artist, music, and video. Landfall features eight songs, each telling a self-contained short story, and seven cinematically underscored visual journeys. The tools the artists work with, live looping and live VJ’ing, prohibit predictability in the performance. Therefore, both the audience and the artists are put in a state of ‘being on the road’. Mirroring a real train journey, they find themselves grounded in full presence of mind, buried in thought, lost in daydreaming, and occupied by distraction. Ultimately, the audience becomes part of both the journey and the performance.

"Landfall is about ‘Generation 1983’, my generation; a generation driven by efficiency and achievement, confronted with technical progress and material abundance, and overwhelmed by total freedom of choice. Mirjam von Ow and I take our subjective perception of ‘our time’ and contrapose it with vanitas themes of illusion and reality, timeless matters portrayed in still life paintings of the Baroque period."