Beauty & the Beast Puzzling Beautiful Heavens
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LET’S NOT PRETEND TO BE ALONE HERE is a physical performance that navigates through images and invites the audience to follow the journey of the performers.

The performance consist of six parts: each part is an independent universe of specific bodily states, imagery and patterns of movements. Bodies are being morphed from sculptures, to machinery, to human subjects, to landscape, to soundscape. The universes co-exist, as well as the performers and all the possible interpretations of the piece. The many bodies together create something different than the single, giving their spectators multiple examples of community and togetherness.

Artistic Statement

We are claiming intuition, desires and fantasies as valuable working methods in opposition to a tendency in art, which align more and more to a scientific approach; where method and process can be explained step by step, in order to create meaning and coherence. As women, we want to not only represent women on stage, but also represent subversive values in the way we work. We want to rethink the notion of intuition which is seen as something untrustworthy, as something that cannot be scientifically proven, and is thereby not a true experience. We relate this to the woman and the female body. We want to reclaim values that have been named weak and soft and empower them.