Kung Fu Above the silent
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Art Club Ultra (vol. 2); hosted by Franky D’miedo

Franco Cortez

NEU NOW Outdoors
Westergas terrain
Thursday 14 September / 20.00
Free of charge

NEU NOW Nacht 
Saturday 16 September / 22.30
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Art Club Ultra (vol. 2); hosted by Franky D’miedo is an investigation of the accessibility of art both online and offline. Franco Cortez - performing as the persona of host Franky D’miedo - invites, introduces and interviews self-taught or formally trained artists. 

Artistic Statement

How can I use social media to expand my practice? How do I merge the physical and the digital world into one arena? My artistic investigation focuses on fluid social events, where I appropriate ideograms and memes from social media as theatrical props.